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The Assetwise Story

We’re certainly here for the long haul as we began way back in 1987 and our clients now number in the thousands. Originally founded by Scott Wilson, we traded for over 20 years as Accredited Brokers, but as our adviser numbers increased and the financial services we offered expanded, we felt it was time to re-brand with a more appropriate name… and Assetwise was born.

From a team of 4 in 2009, to over 23 in 2013. We’ve developed into a world class insurance and mortgage brokerage dedicated to demystifying insurance, finance, and to ensuring Kiwi’s have the right advice for their current situation and financial goals.

We are proud members Of Newpark, New Zealand longest standing and most successful nationwide Insurance & Mortgage Adviser Group. They have over 400 brokers nationwide and Assetwise is the No 1 Brokerage in the country.

Becoming #1 in NZ didn’t happen by accident either. It came about because of our commitment to provide our clients with the best products & services available, giving superb customer service, and by providing our advisers with a superb environment to learn, grow and develop.

In fact our Adviser training & development program is second to none and our advisers get more than 115 hrs of product & other training every year. Compare that to the industry average of 10-20 hours and you can understand why your Assetwise adviser REALLY knows their stuff and can give you the best advice for your needs.

Heres how you can save money on your insurance or get better benefits
With over 11 insurance companies to choose from and the recent launch of a new insurance company into the NZ market this means you benefit from access to the absolute best pricing and products available. And if you’re self employed then we might also be able to greatly reduce the cost of your ACC Levies (see our ACC page).

Our Vision

To ensure all Kiwis get the opportunity to own their own home or a rental by providing killer mortgage deals and advice, and to educate NZ families and businesses on what risks are really worth insuring, how best to structure their covers and mortgages, and what products will do this job best.

Our Purpose

To provide New Zealander’s with the Best Insurance and Mortgage deals available.

Our Mission

To help Kiwis achieve a greater lifestyle through better financial knowledge, greater financial certainty and reduced financial risk, using free educational seminars, the right insurance covers and advice, and better mortgage structures with reduced interest rates.

Your ‘quality of life’ and peace of mind is our prime focus (no we’re not life coaches ;-) ). We do this by assessing your lifestyle and risks with our simple three step process. Then we use two ‘strategy selector’ or independent research companies to identify the best policies to create your ideal insurance protection plan that’s tailored specifically for your needs and lifestyle.

Assetwise is an awesome team of committed, positive, and successful people who are always striving to be ‘the best they can be’.

We expect everyone who interacts with the Assetwise team will benefit greatly and have a positive experience whilst doing so.

Our administration team and our advisors receive the most comprehensive & on-going training in the industry, so as to ensure we deliver on our promise to you – that you will get the best service and advice possible.