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The Assetwise 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

15 Reasons to Choose Assetwise for your Insurance or Mortgage Needs


We’ll Save You Money on Your Premiums or Get You Better Insurance Protection… in three simple steps, Guaranteed.

Here’s how it works: In three simple steps,

  1. We’ll review your current insurance policies,
  2. Advise you on the pro’s and con’s on your current policies for your current situation and…
  3. Give you specific ways to save you money on premiums, or show you how to get better protection for you and your family, often at no extra cost.

The entire review service comes with no cost and no obligation. If after the first meeting we haven’t shown you how to get superior protection or have saved you money on your premiums, we’ll give you a $100 Westfield Cash Voucher.


Time – Only 45 Minutes

We understand that your time is valuable so we endeavour to get things sorted in 45 min or less. That’s enough time for us to find out about whats important to you, so we can propose the ideal solution for your situation.

And to make life even easier, we can also (with your permission of course) get the info on your existing covers from your current insurance company.


No Obligation, No Pressure

Once we have the info needed we’ll be able to make some recommendations to you. At that point you are under no obligation to run with anything. In fact there’s 3 options for you…

A) Run with the recommendations in full.

B) Make some changes to the recommendations.

C) Do nothing at all and remain as you were.

Whatever you chose we’d like to think we’ll part as friends. At the very least you’ll have a clear understanding of what you have and how it’s price and benefits compares to the rest of the market.

In fact, even those we haven’t been able to help often refer us to friends, family and colleagues. So it’s normally a win-win.


Only One in 27 are invited to become an Assetwise Advisor

We have many people applying to become an advisor at Assetwise. But we are rather fussy and that’s why only one in 27 applicants are chosen to join the Assetwise team. Before an advisor is invited to join the Assetwise team they must:

  • Meet with members of the executive team for a one one one interview.
  • Take In Depth Psychometric Testing. We only select brokers that fit our ideal advisor profile. This profile has been proven to select advisors with empathy and a hunger to learn. And those who have the desire to hone their craft and become the best advisor they can be.
  • Become a registered financial advisor (RSA) and a member of the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman (ISO)


Assetwise Leads the industry in Advisor Training

Most advisors in this industry will barely meet the industry minimum requirement of 20 hours of training per year. However Assetwise advisors, even if they have years of experience, all go through the Assetwise Advisor Training program, plus engage in regular ongoing training every week and every month, undertaking over 100 hours of study and training every year… ongoing! This ensures you get the best advice from the most knowledgeable advisors in the market place.

  • Product Knowledge Training, new advisors undertake a 2 week long intensive course providing in depth training in compliance, products, services, customer needs, legal and so forth.
  • Mentoring by our executive team, including visit clients with an experienced broker to learn the insurance industry from the coalface.
  • Continuing Education and Professional Development. Each year our advisors are required to attain 20 credits (for displaying professional competency and knowledge). At Assetwise we strive to earn at least 40 credits each year to stay atop of their game.
  • Ongoing Communication Training. Insurance is a personal business, often dealing in personal tragedy at very trying times.
  • Team Training. We promote a supportive and nurturing culture to ensure everyone benefits as a team.
  • In-Field Training, such as going along with experienced Advisors to meet with clients, analyse client risk profiles and create protection plans, plus informal mentoring.
  • ACC CoverPlus Extra – We have in-house experts on CoverPlus Extra who take our new advisors through several workshops on how to use this product to minimise your ACC levies while giving you better cover through other insurance products.


Independent Research on Insurance Products & Providers

To ensure you receive the ideal selection of policies for your situation and goals we use the top two independent research companies’ assessments. This helps us to choose the best policies for you from all the different insurance companies.

Quote Monster and Strategy rank all the major 11 insurance companies and their policies on the policy definitions, policy wordings, and claim ability. Your lifestyle audit is a comprehensive assessment of your situation, goals, risks, and budget against the Strategy ratings provides you with the ideal policies and solution for your needs.

This also ensures you receive the most up to date and best policies for your situation.

We can place insurance will all of these companies, thereby giving you the choices you need.


Unbiased & Impartial

We don’t work for a bank and were not tied to any one insurance company, this ensures we can choose the best insurance products from a wide range of providers that will best fit your needs.


Relationships with the 11 Major Insurance Companies

In order to provide you with the best insurance for your needs, we have agencies and relationships with all the top 11 insurance companies in New Zealand. This ensures that we can select the ideal combination of policies that will best suit your needs.


Simple, Three Step Process to Better Insurance

Our three step process has been refined to ensure there no time is wasted.

Step One: A brief phone consultation with a senior advisor to:

  • Get a brief overview of your current lifestyle, your work and health
  • Ask for permission to research your existing policies to identify savings and whether your cover is ‘fit for purpose’ your current situation.
  • Set a time to meet for a no obligation, highly insightful Lifestyle Review

Step Two: A 45 minute Lifestyle Review with a senior advisor

Step Three: Client Advice & Recommendations


Lifestyle Review

Your lifestyle audit is like getting a W.O.F (Warrant Of Fitness) done on your life, business, and any risks that may affect your ability earn an income, support your family, or may pose a risk to the ongoing running of your business. We are all about reducing risk and creating certainty.

Your lifestyle review comprises an assessment of your:

  • Current situation (personal, business and family)
  • Lifestyle
  • Budget
  • Future needs and goals
  • Current cover and policies in place
  • Options to raise funds in the event anything happens affecting your ability to earn an income

Your goals are then matched against the strategy selector to ensure the optimum policies from the most appropriate companies are chosen to fulfill your goals. You then receive your ideal solution, tailored specifically for your needs.


Customer Service

Once your policy plan is put in place to protect what’s important, you will then be kept up to date with your:

  • Action packed newsletters (it’s not one of those boring long winded suckers that you throw in the bin, it’s packed with great ideas to save money, things to do, travel etc…)
  • Webinars with
  • Insurance updates
  • Business entrepreneurs
  • Health articles
  • Budgeting for the family to achieve its goals
  • Tips to save for your retirement,
  • ACC updates and how you can save now!

We want you to be stoked, not only with how much you can save, or the better protection you have gained, but your experience with us, and we consider that our relationship is just beginning. Great customer service is at the core of this, so we will be in touch on a regular basis to keep you abreast of any changes that could be of benefit to you should any new products come on to the market that will be a better fit for your needs.

Also, please keep us updated should you have any major changes in your life (buying a house, getting married, having children, getting a promotion, buying a business etc…) that will affect your need to protect your lifestyle.


Claim Time

We hope it never happens. But, just in case it does, our team and your personal Assetwise broker will be there for you. Should anything untoward happen, rest assured we will:

  • Call you straight away
  • Go in to bat for you with the insurance company to
  • Call your partner and help them deal with any issues we can
  • Contact doctors
  • Arrange any specialist tests
  • Take care of all the paperwork
  • Arrange for fast payment as promptly as possible
  • Be there for you 24/7
  • Go above and beyond the call of duty to help you in your hour of need


Ongoing Training

Assetwise advisors are obliged to do ongoing professional education to stay current in order to provide you with the best advice:
This includes:

  • Seminars
  • Industry training
  • Customer service
  • Monday meetings including: Case Studies, wide variety of scenarios
  • CANI
  • Feedback
  • Products
  • Industry Conferences

Our policy of CANI (Constant And Never ending Improvement) ensures you receive the correct advice from brokers who are the top of their profession.


Disputes Resolution, Independent Commissioner and Insurance Ombudsman

Our business grows with skill care and diligence from referrals from happy clients like you. If for any reason you are not stoked with your experience with Assetwise please let us know so we can put things right, and we will.

In order to have great transparency (which is crucial for a successful relationship), all our dealings with you are documented, and if you feel we still have not lived up to our end of things, please call us and we will do everything in our power to put things right.

We hope it never comes to this, but just in case you are not rapt with our service, or have a concern you would like to address. We follow our internal policies to resolve any concerns as quickly as possible, and then if you are still not happy, then the next step is to contact the Insurance and Savings ombudsman.
Here’s how this process works…

  1. Disputes resolution process where you resolve your dispute, independently and impartially (online you can begin the process link)
  2. Independent Insurance commissioner will then review your concern and make an impartial decision as we participate in the ISO Scheme, this decision is final.
  3. Lastly the Insurance Ombudsman is an option if you are not happy with the outcome from the advice given and the claims decision.


Customer First

We have saved the best for last. Only via you do we have a business. Our number one priority is to make you happy and secure the future of yourself, your family, and your business.

Our reputation means everything, so great communication is crucial to your and our success. We grow via referrals, and have hundreds of happy customers who refer us on to their friends, family and business colleagues.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and we look forward to helping you in the future!