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If you have ever considered a career as a financial advisor, nows the time to take the step.

We are looking for those with the right attitude to become either an Insurance Advisor or a Mortgage Advisor.

So… Are you immensely talented, smart, super funny, a sales legend and believe everybody loves you???

Ok… if you answered yes in your head (Or out loud), then you’re probably deluded or a crazed nutter. But that’s ok… because that would mean you’d fit right in with the rest of the team.

All kidding aside (not really), we’re growing and need another Mortgage Advisor and a Life Insurance Adviser or 3 to join our awesome, driven and enthusiastic team of Life Advisers (bit weird), Mortgage brokers (weirder) and financial planning types (snore!).

Ok…, we admit that it would be handy if you ARE a savvy bugger, can string a couple of decent sales lines together and aren’t afraid to close the deals. Plus you’d get some extra stars if you have some insurance experience, some awesome interpersonal skills, a likeable character and a tidy appearance.

So if this sounds like you, Then give us a call and send in your CV.

HOWEVER…… there’s a few more things you need to consider!!!!!

Our current advisers earn between $75,000 – $300,000 and have fun doing it. I’m not suggesting there isn’t some hard work involved, just that the rewards are there for those who DO work hard. This is a great industry with lots of incentives, overseas holidays, flexible hours, plenty of training and a fun team environment.

Ok… I also need to point out that these rolls are COMMISSION based.

And just to be sure we’re on the same page here… that means it is NOT a salary job. But who the heck cares because the rewards and income are bloody superb and you will earn a LOT more than being stick in an inflexible good for nothing mongrel salary job.

As mentioned, we’re after several advisers and would prefer you with experience. But we do have a training program for Newbies. If you happen to speak Cantonese or Mandarin it could help as we have a few Chinese clients. But for all applicants make sure you can speak fluent English as well, otherwise conversations around the office are gonna be mighty short!

We have plenty of qualified leads and the annoying stuff like administration, follow-up and back end paperwork are all sorted by our excellent admin team. That means you wont need to spend 50-60% of your time on paperwork and you can focus on selling and making money instead!

And in case you hadn’t noticed the website you’re currently in (Doh!), our business is called “Assetwise” and we provide Financial Advice to those in the mood, have a superb Insurance and Mortgage Brokerage, plus have a bit of a passion for investment properties.

On the insurance side we cover all the providers, AIA, AXA, AMP, Asteron, Cigna, Fidelity, Partners Life, Onepath, Sovereign, Tower, Southern Cross, Accuro blah blah etc etc This means you can always offer the best deal for clients. Plus we can sort the Fire & general insurances for clients, and also have about 13 lenders we can use for Mortgages. This means there are many opportunities for you to generate income from every person you meet and to provide them with a level of service that they probably aren’t used to from their current advisor.

Naturally the normal sales blurb applies… IE; You’ll need to have some drive and a bit of self motivation and self discipline. Because in truth, we don’t need some nancy who requires their hand to be held for the next 2 years and comes crying to mummy when they didn’t close a deal. But having said that, we are happy to hold hands (metaphorically speaking) to help get you up to speed and to train you in the black art of uncovering client needs and providing smart and cunning solutions.

Ok… I’ll admit that we would definitely prefer to hear from you if you are already an awesome Financial Adviser and you are simply looking for a better team or opportunity than where you are now. But… if you are green, but keen, then we’re still happy to see if we can help you launch into a career in this great industry..

You’ll do well if you have lots of energy and excellent communication skills. And if you’re competitive then that’s great too… but if you’re a wet blanket then I’d suggest trying the next advertisement in the line-up.

Getting on with people is a must and, as mentioned, some previous Insurance and/or finance experience is most definitely a bonus…

I know I previously mentioned the team is awesome and that this is a fantastic and relaxed place to be. But it was worth mentioning twice.

We have an ongoing qualified leads program and a great Referral system for generating… er… referrals… and we pay excellent commissions. (Blah blah insert cliched sales lines here)

So… if you are not too cerebrally challenged you should earn $100,000 and a good adviser $250,000+ per year. Plus you can qualify for fully paid overseas holidays every year as we are nice like that!

In a nut shell, we have the administration team to sort the back end and deal with underwriters, follow-ups, client letters, Report writing tools, CRM and the database etc. Plus we have some nice offices for you to hang out in and leads to keep you busy. We have an Office in Albany and our head office is based just 10 min from the city, in the heart of trendy Ellerslie. Our clients span the globe, but most are in Auckland).

In all seriousness (hard to believe really), this IS an excellent opportunity for a life or mortgage broker to make some decent coin and get ahead, while working with some really nice people in a very friendly environment.

Get off the merry-go-round and take action. If you’ve got what it takes to become a ‘Legend in your own mind’, then apply today… yes TODAY! Don’t muck around. Great sales people won’t let this opportunity get past them!

Oh… and this reflects our culture so check to see if you will fit in.

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