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Share Purchase Insurance

What Is Share Person Insurance?
Share Person Insurance gives you cover for your business stability as it provides protection for the remaining shareholders should one is unable to continue working.

Why do I need Share Person Insurance?
If your business partner or major shareholder died who would you be in business with? Their spouse, their children? An accountant, a Lawyer? With Share Holder Protection Insurance you can ensure you get the right funds from the right source at the right time. This saves you from having to sell the business, close the business down, sell the business to your employees or sell the business to a competitor.

What are the benefits?
Making sure you get the right funds from the right source to the right party at the right time. This helps the business to create control, cash flow and certainty.

  • Ensure continuity of the business.
  • Help in settling the deceased or disable shareholder’s share of the business.
  • Provide the financial support to any buy and sell agreement.
  • Enhance the credit and financial stability of the business.

When would I need it?
Shareholder Protection would look after you in the event of death, disability or a major health trauma of one or several business owners. You would need to determine the price of the business to create a settlement amount. This is where a good buy sell Agreement would come into its own.

How can I get it?
To get Share Person Insurance or you want to review your current cover,  just or contact Assetwise and we help you thrtough the process of providing you with the best cover that best suits your current situation.