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Trauma Protection Insurance

What is Trauma Insurance?
Trauma Insurance is cover that pays out a lump sum if you, family or a spouse suffer from one of a number of critical illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Attack or  Stroke.

Why do I need Trauma Protection?
Trauma or Critical Illness Insurance provides a lump sum payment to the life insured on the diagnosis or occurrence of a list of specific illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and many other specific medical conditions. There are no rules and regulations as to how the money is spent, but the lump sum payment generally provides an amount to pay for treatments, medications, rehabilitation, home modifications and can even provide an amount to help pay bills and other every day expenses.

What are the benefits?
Imagine finding out that you have cancer, or you had experienced a heart attack or a stroke. A lump sum of money can really help you by paying for changes to your home or gives you the ability to reduce your working hours whilst you recover. You are no longer having to force yourself back to work before full recovery. Having the ability to keep paying your debts whilst you are off ill or sick is a great relief.

When would I need it?
The best time to get get Trauma protection is when your young and healthy. Should you have or experience a myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack), Cancer, Stroke, or up to 41 other defined conditions you can make a claim. Remember 1 in three people suffer from a serious illness before the age 65.

 How can I get it?
To get Trauma Insurance or you want to review your current cover, Just contact Assetwise and we would offer you the best cover that best fits your current situation.