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Protect Your Business

Good luck and positive thinking will probably not protect your business from losses. Unfortunately, bad things happen to the most conscientious business owners. Are you protecting your business from unpredictable events?

If a key employee left unexpectedly or something unexpectedly was to happen to you or them whether it was a medical condition or death that stopped them from working permanently, how would your business cope with that? Would your profits still increase or would it decrease? How could you protect yourself on a circumstance like this?

Assetwise could protect you by putting in place Key Person Cover Insurance, You would be certain that you and your business would be covered in a circumstance like this.

Key Person Cover would…

  • Pay out an agreed benefit of up to 12 months
  • Ensure business operates in a devastating time
  • And buy you time to find or train a person that could cover that key person is job

If your a shareholder in business and something unexpected was to happen to your business partner which made them unable to ever work again, what impact would this have on your business? Would you be forced to go into business with their spouse? Would you be faced to sell the business, shut it down or find another person that may not have a clue of how to run your business? What would you do in a circumstance like this?

Assetwise could help you in this situation by putting Share Purchase Insurance cover for you. By having Share Purchase Cover in place, you would be sure that you would not have to worry about this happening to you or your business partner.

Share Purchase Cover would…

  • Ensure the business is still operating
  • Help provide financial stability for the business
  • Provide any financial support to any buy and sell agreement

How would you cover your business expenses if you or your business partner was unable to work due to illness or injury? What impact would this have on the business? What would happen to your business if one of your biggest clients decided to not take up business with you? What options would you have in this circumstance?

Assetwise could help you in this situation by putting Business Expense Cover for you and your business partner. By having business expense cover in place, you would not have to worry if you are unable to pay your business expenses or even if you lose one of your biggest clients.

Business Expense Cover would…

  • Give your business a maximum benefit of up to $20,000
  • Financial cover for approved expenses used for running the business
  • 12 Months of financial stability

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