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Protect Your Family

Are you and your family protected? Health has always been a major concern among people around the world and they were worrying about their health and the well-being of their families for centuries.

Are you and your family protected if the main person bringing in the income had an unexpected death? Who would cover the funeral costs? Who would continue to pay the mortgage? Would you leave your family to pay for any outstanding debts? And most of all who would fund your children’s education? Would you have many options in a situation like this?

Luckily there is a solution for this; Assetwise could help you by putting in place Life Insurance. You would be certain that your family or spouse would be covered in a circumstance like this.

Life Insurance would…

  • Cover outstanding debts
  • Fund the children’s education
  • Cover any medical or mortgage expenses

Assetwise could also put in place Medical Insurance to cover you and your family is medical costs. What are your options if you or a family member had to undergo surgery, but was put in the public waiting list because you did not have the money to fund it? How would feel in a situation like this? Would you even have many options at all?

Medical Insurance would…

  • Cover medical expenses
  • Ensure that you have the choice of when and where you want any medical procedures to take place
  • Take you off any public medical waiting list
  • And regular health checkups for you and your family

What would happen to you in a situation like this, you’re the only one in your house hold working so therefore, your family relies on your income to survive and remain their current lifestyle. What types of options would you have if you were unable to work for a period of time due to a medical illness? Who would pay your everyday expenses? Who would continue to pay the mortgage? Would your family is current lifestyle change dramatically?

Assetwise offers a product that would cover you and your family in a situation like this. By putting in place Income Protection, you would be certain that you would not have to worry if you ever to come across a circumstance like this.

Income Protection would…

  • Ensure that your family is lifestyle does not change dramatically
  • Cover everyday expenses e.g. power bill, water bill and groceries
  • And ensure that you have fully recovered before you go back to work

If you were diagnosed with a medical condition that stopped you from working for a while or permanently, how would this have an influence on your family is lifestyle? Would you be forced to sell you’re hard worked for home? What would happen to your family financially? Are there many options for you if you were ever to face a circumstance like this?

These are perfect types of situations that Assetwise could help you with. Assetwise provides cover for these circumstances. Assetwise would help by putting in place Trauma Protection Insurance for those that unable to work due to a critical illness, and also Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) for those that could ever work again due to a disability or medical condition.

Trauma Cover would…

  • Payout a lump-sum if you were ever to face a critical illness i.e. cancer, heart attack, stroke
  • Pay any outstanding medical or everyday expenses
  • Ensure that you fully recover before going back to work

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) would…

  • Not force you to sell assets to pay down debts
  • Create financial stability for you and your family
  • Cover any outstanding expenses and debts

Give yourself and your family a peace of mind by reducing risk and creating certainty by contacting Assetwise now on (09) 580 1111 or you could have your Free No-Obligation Review.