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Tips and Advice

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions would answer just about anything you want to know about Insurance, Premiums and Assetwise. If you’re concerned about the difference of buying insurance online to using an Insurance Advisor, to the difference between getting insurance from a Bank to getting it from a insurance provider, this page would answer it.

Raise Funds
The Raise Funds page gives you options on how you could raise funds if something unexpected was to happen to you or your family. These options are a perfect scenario of the advantages and disadvantages that you may have to face. It also provides you a solution to how you could prevent yourself from getting into these circumstances.

Ask Your Broker
This page gives you seven major questions that you should ask any Insurance Broker when dealing with them. A brief over view of these questions is to see if you could trust your broker before doing business with them. The questions also have the type of answer that you would like to hear. Not many brokers would be able to answer these questions which would mean they cannot be trust worthy.

Don’t Rely on ACC
The ACC page explains four major reasons of why you can’t rely on ACC. This page would explain the pros and cons about ACC and also a solution to how you could save money on your ACC. It would also give you a brief overview of what ACC CoverPlus Extra is.