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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Rely on ACC

Reason No. 1 – ACC pays out only due to accidentsThe reality is that most of the disabilities that you are likely to get that will stop you from working, will NOT be covered by ACC.Reason No. 2 – ACC does not continue paying long termACC will at some point stop paying you and refer you to WINZ for a sickness benefit, this pays about $9000 p.a-could you live on that?

Reason No. 3 – ACC only pays while you can’t work at ANY job

If you still can’t return to work in your own occupation, BUT you can work in some other job (e.g. Labourer, Receptionist, etc) then ACC will stop paying you.

Reason No. 4 –ACC pays you 80% of your income based on your most recent tax return

The tax return could well be over 12 months out of date and reflect quite a different income from what you are earning at the time of your accident.

If you are self employed (or a shareholder/employee) you MUST pay ACC, you have no choice. However you CAN choose HOW MUCH you pay to ACC and still make sure your income is protected!

There is a solution which will solve ALL 4 problems and it may save you some money as well!

Assetwise will provide you with a simple one page spreadsheet showing you:

  • What you pay now for ACC and how much you are covered for.
  • How much ACC CoverPlus Extra will cost on the minimum of $21,618 p.a.
  • How much you will save each and every year by reducing your ACC cover.
  • And how to make sure your income is covered for accident and sickness so your biggest asset is protected, your ability to earn an income.